A few words about my work

I believe every human being has an inner strength that can guide him or her to live a fulfilled life. However, life ‘happens’ and usually takes a toll. That inner strength often gets cluttered, buried, hidden, or shadowed by the circumstances and obstacles that life puts on the way. Overtime, people 'forget' they have the capacity to solve their own problems. They lose access to their own resources.

My work is to help my clients reconnect to their inner strength. At times, the journey could be overwhelming, disturbing, upsetting and even discouraging, but it is worth it. People can thrive under adverse circumstances. There is an unlimited source of possibilities inside of each and every one of you.


Individual Psychotherapy is a process focused on helping you heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with the problems or issues you are going through in life. 

Supervision for Mental Health Practitioners

I provide supervision to mental health practitioners who want to learn how to help their clients from the Person-Centered approach (PCA). The PCA teaches how to trust the clients' inner wisdom inviting practitioners to move away from a place of authority. The PCA shows practitioners how to give the clients their power back.  

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